Drywall Repair Des Moines

Drywall-Repair-Des-Moines-WADrywall (sheetrock) is type of gypsum wallboard, and is typically found in walls and ceilings.

In fact, it is one of the most common building materials used in new construction or remodeling projects today.

Because of its extensive use in commercial and residential buildings, it is also subject to normal wear and tear. Through day-to-day living and working, it is not unusual to have your walls develop dents, cracks or holes.

As an experienced drywall contractor, we provide:

  • High-quality repairs for walls and ceiling repair
  • Drywall taping and texturing
  • New drywall installation services
  • Interior demolition to remove damaged materials

Many times drywall repair is necessary to remove damaged areas of your wall. When you have sustained excessive or extreme damage to your walls or ceilings, drywall repair is best left to a professional drywall contractor like Sandoval Painting & Drywall. We have the right equipment, materials and training to deliver quality results.

Drywall Installation Des Moines

Drywall-Installation-Des-Moines-WAAre you considering a home remodeling or renovation project? Are you planning to build the home of your dreams or expanding your office building? What ever your needs are, our drywall installation services can help make it a reality.

Drywall installation has many advantages for the property owner:

  • More energy-efficient over other alternatives
  • Improves insulation to retain existing room temperature
  • Is a cost-effective choice for both upkeep and new installations

Drywall installation services can also be required if your property has suffered water damages. If any of your walls or ceilings has been affected beyond repair, you will need to replace all sections that have been damaged.

Drywall Contractor Des Moines

Drywall-Contractor-Des-Moines-WAWe are focused on completing every drywall repair or new drywall installation project efficiently, on time, and within budget. No job is too big or too small! We also offer our home and business customers other services to help improve and enhance their property.

Call Sandoval Painting & Drywall for:

  • Residential and commercial painting
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Interior demolition services

If you want to change or improve the appearance of your home or commercial establishment with a fresh coat of paint, repair or replace a damaged wall, or tear everything out to prepare for a remodeling or renovation project - we are the ones to call.

Get started today! For the best in drywall repair and drywall installation services, give us a call at (206) 889-6365.